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We heard about Drinkrow Building from a friend they’d built a house for. Our friend was so happy we were pleased to go with the recommendation when it came time to build our family home. It was the first home we had built and Jesse, Michelle and the team were very approachable. We liked the fact it was the same team working on our house from start to finish. It meant they took real pride in their work and Jesse was constantly on site checking things. Michelle prompted us way ahead of time when we had to make decisions so it was all so easy. There was really great communication from both of them and the process was streamlined and smooth. They’ve got a big family like us so they understood really well what it was like for us. They worked around our needs and were flexible to our requirements.It’s been such a great experience Drinkrow Building is now building a rental property for us. They are so awesome to deal with we can’t recommend them highly enough.​
Damien & Maria
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